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live broadcasts

Live broadcasts have become an integral part of media culture in recent years,

And they allow us to produce events in a unique way that allows participation
in an active and unforgettable experience from anywhere in the world.

In our studio we accompany you live, from the beginning: from building
the concept for the event to the design, content and production. In addition,
we set up the infrastructure according to the needs of the event: stages, projection screens, sound amplification and lighting

that will compliment a first class digital event.

A photo of a live broadcast from a Tadiran event, on the right side of the front you can see a laptop on a table, next to it is a computer screen where you can see Tadiran's speaker, on the left there is another laptop. In the background you see the live studio with the speaker sitting and talking, behind him a background with the Tadiran logo

The mobile studio

With us you can broadcast from anywhere - we have a mobile broadcast studio that can be set up almost anywhere in Israel to broadcast the events and conferences live. Our mobile studio offers an interactive and dynamic broadcast experience, one that allows interaction with viewers, uploading guests and displaying surfers' reactions. And of course, it is possible to combine the presentation of graphics and simulations on the screen, movies, photos and presentations with the broadcast.

The virtual studio

We operate a virtual studio from which you can make live broadcasts, during the broadcast itself you can combine interactive graphics with a design adapted to your brand language. 3D graphics can be uploaded in real time (as in the election broadcasts) - to give the viewer the full experience.

A virtual studio where two men sit behind a table, a readiness time sign on the table, in the background three screens with video on them

to your needs

In our work process, we treat each event as
a project tailored to your technological needs, with countless options from the technology front to visual design with an emphasis on the small details. Together with you, we will plan and produce the exact content for your conference, and create an unforgettable experience for viewers.

A picture of an orange measuring tape
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